Where does my money go?

When donating money to local charities, where does it really go?

Here is an example of where the Brampton Animal Shelter’s Hope Fund donations go;


















These two little kittens were found in the parking lot at Trinity Common shopping mall.  One with a ruptured eye and the other with an extreme congenital defect of the same eye. Due to the severity of these conditions both needed to have one eye removed. This is where the Hope Fund comes into play. Helping hundreds of stray, abandoned and abused animals yearly get the medical attention they require.

This little brother and sister will be coming up for adoption this week at our facility, Snelgrove Veterinary Services in Brampton.

So to all of you Hope Fund donors out there, thank you  so much from the very bottom of these two little kitten’s hearts 🙂

Meet Odin!

Hi everyone. My name is Kelly and I am an employee at the Brampton Animal Shelter. This is the story about how I got my little friend Odin and how Snelgrove Vet Services in Brampton helped make him the awesome cat he is today. Odin the Cat, formally known as Elm, came in over the counter at the shelter at only 3 weeks of age. He was found by a concerned citizen, behind a shed, all by himself and crying in the middle of a thunder-storm. When he came in his eyes were sealed shut due to a severe infection. I asked the technician-on-staff  if I could foster him and see if I could improve his condition and bottle feed him to health. She said I could try.

The first day one eye opened but it wasn’t until the third day that the second eye opened. This is when we discovered it had ruptured. Being so little the technicians were hesitant to send him for surgery because the odds of him surviving anesthetic were so low. After much discussion it was decided to send Elm to Snelgrove Vet for emergency surgery to remove the ruptured eye.

The next morning I came into work and found out he had survived!!! The clinic did an amazing job and even had to create his own little cone so he wouldn’t scratch at the sutures.  He adjusted very well to his new line of sight. (at first it was kind of cute watching him walking on an angle.- but he figured it out.)

Elm was showcased at the Brampton Fair and introduced to many Brampton residents as a success story for the City of Brampton Hope Fund. The Hope Fund is funded by donations and pays for medical expenses not covered by the municipality.

Thanks to the Hope Fund and Snelgrove Vet, Odin has the chance for a long and happy life with his new family.

How to Help Animals in Your Community, and Beyond (Part II)

Audrey, Rennik and Dakota

Audrey, Rennik and Dakota – Puppy Play Date

In the first segment of this multi-post blog, we covered how to help animals in need through adoption. The best places to adopt from are shelters, rescues and reputable breeders. However, not everyone has the ability to provide a forever home for an animal, which is completely understandable. Today, we will continue our discussion on helping animals by exploring some alternative options.

Beyond adoption, another fulfilling opportunity to aid animals in your community is through donation. The most common form of donation is monetary, and most registered charities will provide tax credits for money received. There are many deserving organizations out there, so if this is the route you are interested in, do some research to find a group that speaks to you on a personal level. One example of a commendable charity that we here at Snelgrove Vet Services lend our support to is the Brampton Animal Service’s HOPE Fund. Click here to read about the history of the fund and stories of some of the hundreds of animals it has helped.

While monetary donations to a worthy cause are always appreciated, there are a variety of other things that can be donated and appreciated just as well. Used blankets, bowls, leashes, brushes, etc. are all examples of excellent resources that can be given to shelters or rescues. If you are unsure of what items would be appropriate to donate, you can always call the shelter or rescue in question and ask if they are in need of anything in particular.

If you are unable to donate supplies, there is one thing that all of us have that costs nothing to give: our time! There is no greater feeling than knowing that you’ve given your time to help an animal on their road to recovery. Volunteers can do many things at shelters and rescues; from walking the dogs to playing with the cats, providing transportation to or from veterinary clinics or rehab facilities, helping out with fundraising or awareness events… The list can go on and on! In addition to making a difference and helping an animal in need, a lot can be gained through the volunteer experience. Not only will you feel wonderful afterwards, but you can also gain a whole new set of skills. And who wouldn’t love spending an afternoon with a new furry friend?

If you find that spending time with animals is rewarding, you could always take it one step further and foster an animal while they are being rehabilitated or waiting for their forever home! Many shelters and rescues are overrun with animals in need, so they are always looking for volunteers willing to accept them short-term into their homes. Foster experiences can last anywhere from just a few short days, to a few weeks or even months if you are so inclined. Some worthwhile organizations that are always looking for foster homes are the Toronto Cat Rescue (TRC) and Brampton Animal Services. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you could even look into a training apprenticeship for the Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs or the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind (CGDB), which can last up to over a year and a half! These are just a few examples of potential foster options, but there are many more available.

No matter what level of commitment you are able to provide, there is an opportunity right for you. Whether you are able to contribute money or supplies to a deserving cause, or donate your time, any and all gifts are very much appreciated. Support within our community is so important, and helping animals in need is certainly worth the effort. But what about beyond our community? Stay tuned to learn about how to make a provincial, national or even global impact in the ongoing fight for our furry friends!


On behalf of the staff at Snelgrove Veterinary Services,

Thank you for reading,