Weight Loss Success Story – Phoenix

Phoenix is a 5 year old, neutered male Doberman Pinscher who we had noticed to be a little on the heavy side in 2017. This good-natured boy LOVED to eat his food, apples and any other treats offered to him but this unfortunately left him being quite overweight by mid June 2018. He was recommended to start on our PROJECT SLIMDOWN by our staff that month. His weight that month was 55 kg (121 lbs) and we stressed the importance of a slow weight-loss to his loving owners. They knew we worried that he might hurt his ligaments in his knees and was at an increased risk for other complications from being overweight.

As everyone knows, change is always difficult, but Pheonix’s owners rose to the occasion. They initially tried to keep him on his canned and dry weight loss food they purchased from the pet store, but it quickly became obvious that he wasn’t losing enough weight by December 2018.

(As a sidenote:

Bags/cans of pet food often have feeding guides on the back of the bag/can to allow people to have a rough idea of how much food their pet should be eating daily. This guide however, is just that – a guide. Each pet is different, depending on activity level and their specific nutrient requirements. It is often not mentioned on these bags/cans of food that a pet should be fed a LEVEL, MEASURED amount (instead of simply eyeballing a scoop) and that the measured amount needs to be based on the pet’s IDEAL weight, not their current weight if a weight-loss program is being implemented. For example, a good ballpark weight should be made by a veterinary team member for a weigh-loss goal and then THAT weight should be followed on the back of the bag/can. Also, keeping in mind that once this measured feeding of dry/canned food has been established, any additional treats, human table scraps etc., will be above and beyond the needs of the pet and will derail any weight-loss program.)

Phoenix started on our Purina Veterinary Diet food, Overweight Management (OM) in December 2018 and his owner’s gradually switched him over to this from his pet store variety. They also cut out his whole apple-a-day snack and reduced any canned food that they had been feeding him. His weight loss results were amazing and continue to this day. From his heaviest weight at 55 kg, he is now an AMAZING 43.5 kg (95.7 lbs) and his owners report that he has so much more energy and loves to run again at the park like he did when he was a puppy.

We are SO proud of Phoenix and his family and are so happy to share his story with you. His before and after pictures of his weight-loss journey are a testament to how successful he has been and shows just how much livelier and happy he has become.

If you have an overweight pet and would like us to help your pet lose some weight, please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic. This weight-loss program is complimentary and is a win/win scenario for you and your beloved pet.


Phoenix Fonseca before July 18-19

Before his weight loss

Phoenix Fonseca before 2 July 18-19

Before his weight loss

Phoenix Fonseca after July 18-19

After his weight loss

Phoenix Fonseca 2 July 16-19

After his weight loss

Phoenix Fonseca 1 July 16-29

After his weight loss

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