Where does my money go?

When donating money to local charities, where does it really go?

Here is an example of where the Brampton Animal Shelter’s Hope Fund donations go;


















These two little kittens were found in the parking lot at Trinity Common shopping mall.  One with a ruptured eye and the other with an extreme congenital defect of the same eye. Due to the severity of these conditions both needed to have one eye removed. This is where the Hope Fund comes into play. Helping hundreds of stray, abandoned and abused animals yearly get the medical attention they require.

This little brother and sister will be coming up for adoption this week at our facility, Snelgrove Veterinary Services in Brampton.

So to all of you Hope Fund donors out there, thank you  so much from the very bottom of these two little kitten’s hearts 🙂

One thought on “Where does my money go?

  1. The HOPE Fund is amazing, and it is so nice to see how animals benefit from it. Our dog Troy was hugely helped by the HOPE Fund , and I can never thank the Brampton Animal Shelter enough for taking care of him and giving us the opportunity to have such a sweet boy in our lives. Forever grateful! ❤


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