Keep those teeth pearly white :)

Now that we’ve all had our cupcake fill from Monday it’s time to remind you to brush your dog’s teeth.




Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best defense in keeping those teeth pearly white and tartar free.

Today we would like to talk to you about how to get your pet used to having their teeth brushed and simple steps for you to take.

  1. Get your pet accustomed to having their mouth and teeth touched: Multiple times a day have your pet sit quietly while you touch them around the mouth. Glide your finger along their teeth and lift their lip. This exercise shouldn’t last for more than 15 seconds each time.
  2. Let your pet taste the appropriate toothpaste: Once your pet is accustomed to having their mouth and teeth handled, put a small amount of toothpaste on the tip of your finger and let your pet smell and taste it. Then glide your finger along all of their teeth in a circular motion. Again, this can be done multiple times a day for 15 seconds.
  3. Try using a finger brush: Once your pet feels more comfortable with your finger in their mouth you can switch to using a finger toothbrush with pet appropriate toothpaste. Start extending the amount of time you brush their teeth.
  4. Brush all teeth with a toothbrush just like you would your own: It’s now time to use a toothbrush. Brush all teeth in a circular motion once or twice daily with pet appropriate toothpaste.

Brushing your pet’s teeth does not have to be a challenge. By keeping sessions short and sweet your pet will adjust to it quite easily making this the best way to healthy teeth. Starting right from when they are a puppy will assure those adult teeth are taken care of right from the start. Older pets will also benefit from daily care.

Don’t forget you can also aid in their overall oral health by adding in dental care treats, water additives and feeding a dental care food. Stop on by to Snelgrove Vet Services or your local veterinarian to get more tips, tricks and recommendations. Every step helps in keeping your pet’s teeth healthy 🙂


Happy Birthday to Fluffy and Fido!

Friday, January 23rd, 2015 was a very important day in our household – it was Rennik’s 1st birthday! As proud pet-parents, we were very excited to celebrate his special day. He is my first dog, and the first dog that my husband and I adopted together. He is our very sweet, smart, handsome, perfect little fur baby, so naturally, he needed a party.

His birthday coincided with my day off, so we took him for a nice, long hike, than he had some special treats for dinner and we got him a brand-new “big boy” leather collar and lead to replace his nylon puppy collars. The following day, the festivities continued. We have actually managed to stay in touch with the families that adopted Rennik’s litter-mates, so of course everyone was very excited to be celebrating their puppy’s birthdays as well. We decided it would be fun to get all five of the puppies together for a puppy party. We were lucky enough to have access to an indoor facility, so we all met up that afternoon with our pups and had a great time. Afterward, my husband and I had a small get together with some family and friends, which included dinner for us in Rennik’s “honour.” My friend Nava even made a very delicious birthday cake for us humans!

This whole weekend got me thinking – am I a little over the top for celebrating my pet’s birthday? I googled “birthday party for your pet” without much success. So, maybe I am. Or maybe this is something people do, but they just don’t advertise it.

I would love to hear from our clients and readers – do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Do they just get a special treat, or presents as well? What about an actual party with your pet’s friends?

February is Dental Awareness Month!


What a  better month than February to think about oral health care. With Valentine’s Day coming tomorrow we all want fresh breath, including our pets. If your pet’s mouth smells less than fresh there are things that can be done to help that. This month, all dental products are 5% off. So it’s a great time to stock up on toothpaste and chews and anything else you may need. We will also be offering FREE dental exams with our technicians. They can help you choose what products are right for your pet, how to brush correctly even on a difficult pet, and let you know what the general health of your pet’s mouth is. Just call us, Snelgrove Veterinary Services at 905-846-3316 to schedule your appointment.