Cat returned to owner after 8 years!!!

This is an incredible story about a cat that went missing 8 years ago and was returned to its owners thanks to a microchip and the staff at the Brampton Animal Shelter!!

All of the staff at Snelgrove Veterinary Services are so touched by this story and would like to stress the importance of permanent identification for all pets. Even strictly indoor cats can slip outside on occasion and easily get disoriented and lost.  A microchip is an affordable permanent solution to the lost pet problem. It is easily inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades of both dogs and cats and can be done in the appointment room in a matter of minutes.

Feel free to call our veterinary hospital in Brampton to inquire further or to schedule an appointment to have your pets microchipped.

After wandering away 8 years ago, Angus the cat returns to owners.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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